Over-Dimensional & Over-Mass Freight

There is a certain level of expertise and knowledge required to provide an efficient and reliable over-dimensional & over-mass freight service, and GLW Freight is more than equiped to handle the task.

Using only the best available equipment, having staff with the experience and commitment to get the job done with little fuss. With a wide experience in assessing loads and risks, acquiring the correct permits and being fully accredited to handle the task, GLW Freight offers a full and seamless service.

Local and interstate Freight services

The GLW organisation has had a long history of providing local and interstate freight services. Currently running a comprehensive long distance freight service from Perth to the capital cities of the Eastern Seaboard, GLW also handles freight up and down the East Coast.

Agricultural Bulk Haulage

For many years, the GLW Freight operation has been handling an operation focusing on agricultural bulk haulage. This is a specialised field of expertise where staff knowledge of the properties of the product being handled and agricultural-based operations is vital to productive and safe outcomes for both operator and client.

Dangerous Goods Transport

A strong level of expertise in freight handling and an emphasis on the highest safety standards is a vital component in any dangerous goods transport. With a highly skilled and diligent workforce, GLW Freight has the accreditations and expertise to handle any task in this sector of the transport industry.

Off-road haulage

Handling off-road haulage is a specialist field within a specialist industry. Equipment choices and staff expertise are vital to GLW’s ability to be able to offer an efficient and reliable service.

The skills required to ensure the safe passage into difficult areas without compromising the freight itself requires a deep knowledge of both the need for safety and efficiency, and how to handle some of the toughest working conditions, while also keeping the load and other road users safe.

Warehousing & Storage

Apart from expertise in handling the freight task on the road, another vital component of the transport sector is in warehousing & storage. For GLW this has developed into another vital part of the operation, including a custom built facility at the company’s Forrestdale HQ.

Container Logistics & Unpacking

One of the tasks which requires a high level of expertise and specialist knowledge in in container logistics & unpacking. This is an area in which GLW has been working for some time, bringing its emphasis on efficiency, safety and a high level of care to bear on a difficult set of tasks.

We are known for the best service in the industry